The man fell asleep in the garden, and woke up with a cat on his stomach, although he did not have a pet

The weather was hot, so Ali Safa decided to spend time in the garden near his house. The man sat comfortably on the lounger and fell into a deep sleep. Ali woke up a few hours later from the fact that he felt something warm on his stomach. At first, the guy decided that it was a rat, but when he opened his eyes he realized that he was mistaken, because a small kitten was lying on him.

Ali did not have a cat, he never had a strong affection for these animals, but this baby turned out to be special. The kitty was thin, her white fur was covered with dirt, in some places she fell into tangles. The animal looked unhappy and defenseless, so the guy did not have the determination to drive away the unexpected guest. Gently pulling out his phone, he took a photo that became the first joint picture of Ali and his pet.

Soon the cat woke up too. She did not run away, but looked at the man with interest. Ali took the animal into the house, fed it and washed it. The girl received the name Angel, and also found a new home and a loving owner.

Angel quickly explored the new home and fell in love with her master. She turned out to be an affectionate cat who loves to sit in her arms. Ali says that meeting Angel changed his life, banishing the feeling of loneliness from her.

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