The couple took the saddest cat from the shelter: how he changed in just one hour

A cat named Ben-Ben became famous on the net as the saddest animal. The cat was in a shelter, for a long time he could not find a family, so the staff decided to put him to sleep.

There were a dozen scars on the body of the animal, one of its ears was severely crippled, but the most problematic was a spinal injury, due to which the cat could not walk.

According to the volunteers, Ben-Ben guessed about his fate, he was constantly sad and refused to eat.

Most of the time the animal spent motionless, looking at one point.

A photo of a sad cat and his story on the Internet was seen by a woman working in a veterinary clinic. Together with her husband, they decided that they would help the cat.

Doctors said that Ben-Ben would never be able to walk, but the love and care that the cat received in a new family worked wonders. The cat not only walks, but also runs.

Ben-Ben is forced to constantly take painkillers, but he began to feel much better.

Thanks to care, the saddest cat is now always in a good mood.

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