The cat was doused with water and left alone in a 40-degree frost

In the winter of 2019, the frost reached 40 degrees. Someone decided that such a time is suitable for cruel fun and just poured water on a stray cat on the street. The animal survived, but was badly injured. Volunteers learned about the cat, which by that time was already very sick and weak, only at the beginning of next summer.

The cat was named Vasilisa and began to be treated. Veterinarians answered as one that they could not help and offered to euthanize the animal. Volunteers believed that Vasilisa had a chance and continued to search for a doctor who would agree to help. At this time, it became known that in Novosibirsk a cat named Ryzhik was given prostheses on all paws.

To take Vasilisa to the Novosibirsk clinic in Tobolsk, a collection was announced. To a part, many responded and 200 thousand for the trip and treatment were collected. In the clinic, the cat was examined and operated on, removing both hind legs and part of the tail, they suffered the most from frostbite. The cat was delayed in the clinic due to a new surge of coronavirus.

The prostheses were put on the cat, she began to learn to live and move again. Gradually, her movements became more and more confident. Vasilisa can already take a few steps. They take care of Vasilisa at the Right to Life shelter. They settled her together with Ryzhik, who also learns to walk on prostheses. The cat is very attached to his neighbor, the volunteers joke that he is in love with her, but the lady of the heart perceives Ryzhik only as a friend.

Vasilisa will have an operation to remove her forepaws, also damaged by frostbite, but the volunteers believe that this time they will be able to collect for prosthetics and their ward will be able to walk.

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