The cat is waving to all the visitors of the shelter: he really wants to find the owner

This red cat loves people so much and strives to communicate that he meets all visitors of the shelter waving his paw at them. Malham is two years old, this is the second time he has been in the shelter, but he continues to believe that he will soon be taken to a loving family.

For the first time, the cat became a ward of the shelter at the beginning of summer. Malham was abandoned by the owner. Soon the staff managed to find a new family for him, but people brought him back, saying that a cat with such a character does not suit them.

Malham is wayward and active, he loves to play and demands attention from people.

In the shelter, the cat was given a lot of toys and spends most of the day with them. So that Malham would not get bored, he was given a cardboard box from which he chooses toys.

Malham lives behind a glass door, as soon as people pass by, the cat waves its paw, as if calling them to join his game. The cat is very sociable, likes to spend time with people, is not afraid of strangers. He tries to play with everyone who gets in his way.

Shelter workers are doing everything possible to find a new home for their ward, they believe that such a sociable cat will definitely be lucky.

While the cat spends all his time with toys, but I want to believe that very soon a person will appear in his life who will play with him and take care of him.

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