The cat consoled the dog and did not leave him, because he was left all alone on the street

Cats and dogs are considered antagonists, but this story is about how even such different animals could not only find a common language, but become good friends. The kitten approached the dog to console her, when the video of this moment hit the social networks, the unusual couple instantly became famous.

The puppy lived in the apartment, but the owners kicked him out into the street. The dog did not believe that people could do this to her, she sat at the house in the rain and snow, waiting for people to change their minds and take her back. Soon the dog was accompanied by a street kitten. The kitten consoled and supported his friend, was constantly nearby, running away only when people approached him. Unlike the doggie, the kitten has lived all his life on the street and was afraid of people.

“They are always there, sitting here together in any weather. Even their gaze is fixed in one direction. The cat only leaves when it sees people. The dog reaches out to people, but he, on the contrary, is in a hurry to hide, ”said a resident of the area.

It turned out that the owners of the puppy were an elderly couple. The couple had to move to a nursing home, the rules of which forbid bringing animals with them. There was no one to pick up the dog, he ended up on the street. For six months, the dog was on duty at his house day and night, and the kitten sat next to him and supported his friend.

A local resident built a house for an unusual couple in which they hide from rain and wind. “They even hug when they sleep, probably because they are warmer.

Previously, they had different lives, but the result is the same – they both ended up on the street, useless to anyone. Mutual support gives them the strength to accept the situation, ”says the man.

Volunteers found out about unusual friends, they took them away and showed them to the veterinarian. Fortunately, the doctors did not find any health problems and now they are looking for a new home for friends.

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