Tears in the dog’s eyes at the shelter

One picture of this dog, which got into the network, completely changed its fate. This time, the Network has become a good sorceress in the fate of the animal.

This dog lived in one of the American shelters, which he got to from the street. Unfortunately, due to the large number of wards, the shelter has a rule – those who cannot find the owners are euthanized.

Volunteers are doing their best to find a new home for the orphanages. Volunteers come to visit the animals and take some pictures of those who may very soon say goodbye to life. So this dog got into the camera lens.

When the volunteers took the photo, the dog was in a cage. In the photo and video taken through the bars, it is clear that the dog is frightened, he can hardly hold back his tears and with his whole appearance seems to show that he really wants to live. Once on the network, the pictures touched thousands of people. Dozens of families called the shelter saying they wanted to adopt the dog. Very soon the animal went to its new home.

When the family arrived for their new pet, the dog’s mood immediately changed. The dog jumped with happiness, licked people and showed their gratitude to them with all its appearance. I would like to believe that such a mood in the dog will be preserved for the rest of his life.

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