“She understood everything”: she sighed heavily and closed her eyes

We found this dog a year ago. The animal lived in an unfinished building, and soon we took it into our custody.

We would like her to celebrate this anniversary in a new home, where this cheerful and kind dog will be loved and taken care of. Unfortunately, on the anniversary of Iriska, she was forced to move to another house, again temporary.

Iriska we settled outside the city. The overexposure was wonderful, the dogs there were well cared for and plenty of room to run around. This revenge also had one drawback – it was possible to get there only with your own car, and not everyone has it. We decided that the best solution would be to move Iriska to an apartment closer to the city and potential owners.

When we arrived, Iriska, as always, was in a good mood. The dog jumped into the car and showed his joy in every possible way, but we hid our eyes from her. We could not hide the truth for a long time and began to tell Iriska about our plan.

We said that she would live in an apartment, but the new owner, the cynologist, would often take her out for a walk, that she would have friends and toys. Toffee sighed sadly and lay down in the back seat, her nose resting on the curator’s leg. It was clear that the dog understood what was happening and was upset that she had to move again. Silence reigned in the car for two hours, the curator held back tears, and Iriska just looked sadly at one point.

Iriska liked the new house, the owner and the dogs living in the apartment, it turned out to be mutual. The hostess of the overexposure always praises Iriska, saying that this is the most cheerful dog in her practice.

We would like those who are looking for a pet to know about the cheerful character and kindness of Iriska. This dog is a concentration of positive, she is smart and well-mannered, able to cheer up everyone who is nearby.

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