Homeless puppy and cat huddled close to each other to keep warm in the cold

On a football field in Virginia, a passer-by saw a cat and a dog sitting side by side and warming each other. The animals were clearly homeless and needed help.

The man wrote about the unusual couple in social networks. This is how Angelina Bard and her daughter learned about animals. The family decided to help homeless kids.

“Everyone in our family loves animals very much. We couldn’t just read about them and do nothing. Coyotes sometimes come into our area, they can harm babies, ”says Angelina.

When the woman and her daughter came to pick up the animals, they met with an unexpected rebuff from the dog. The animal snarled and bared its teeth in defense of itself and its friend. The cat at the same time completely trusted the dog and remained in its place.

The woman contacted the special service. An animal welfare officer drove up to the football field and managed to catch both the cat and the dog. Further friends were waiting for a reception at the veterinarian.

The doctor did not find any health problems, only noted that the dog was very frightened by what was happening. The clinic noticed that the animals support each other and decided not to separate them.

Animal activists soon learned about the cat and the dog, who became best friends, they set themselves the task of finding a home for this couple. Everything was complicated by the fact that the volunteers were not ready to separate them.

“They are so sweetly taking care of each other, supporting each other. Looking at their affection, we understood that it would be a serious mistake to separate them, ”this is how the animal rights activists explained their decision.

The cat was given the name Marta, and the dog, in which the features of a chihuahua clearly appeared, was named Hermes.

The dog turned out to be shy and shy, he felt free only in the company of Martha.

So far, temporary owners have been found for the couple, and the search for a permanent family continues. Soon the animals are waiting at the clinic for sterilization. The volunteers are convinced that they will be able to find people who will understand that it is better for Hermes and Martha to stay together.

No one knows how this strange friendship began, but at first glance it is clear that the animals value each other very much.

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