For 4 years, the cat has been faithfully waiting for the owners, who left him in the village, but they themselves moved

A cat named Boris walked around the village for four years, waiting for his family to come back for him.

According to local residents, most of the time the cat sat at his old house and peered into the distance, as if he was afraid to miss the appearance of his owners. Boris could not come to terms with the idea that people had abandoned him. The cat sat near the house both in summer and in winter, despite the snowstorm and frost. Over the years, from a domestic cat, Boris turned into a real savage, he did not come close to people and was not given into hands. The locals left food for the cat outside the house to somehow help.

Once a bone got stuck in the cat’s throat, it did not give him the opportunity to eat and drink. Only after that, Borya managed to catch and hand over to the volunteers.

In the clinic, it turned out that the bone got into the tooth and did not allow the animal to even close its mouth. The cat spent two days without food and water, and when he was exhausted from hunger, they managed to catch him and take him to the doctors. Several of the cat’s teeth were removed, and the doctors were also worried about dehydration, but Borya’s condition was stabilized, after which he went to overexposure.

Boris recovered, began to eat, he regularly goes to the tray. So far, the temporary owners of the cat have not been able to redeem him, because the cat still shies away from people and does not walk in the arms. All attempts to put Borya in order for people ended in scratches.

At the overexposure, the cat was given a patronymic, so he became Boris Borisovich. While he lives in the attic of one of the volunteers, he was given his own place with a bed and toys. The cat is clean and knows how to behave in the house.

Boris cannot accept betrayal. Over the years of life on the street, he has grown wild, so it is difficult for him to accept care from a person. Volunteers hope that time and patience will help them win over the cat and he will again become an affectionate and sociable pet.

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