Even with three paws you can become happy

The cat was brought to the clinic to be put to sleep. The animal had no owners, it lived on the street until it got hit by a car. The cat was injured, so the guy who brought him to the clinic was convinced that the kitten needed to be put down. In addition to injuries from the accident, there were other serious injuries on the front legs of the animal, since some time has passed since the receipt of which. The veterinarian contacted volunteers he knew and said that the cat had a chance to live, but someone was needed to take care of him.

According to the doctor, there were chances to save one front paw, but only if the animal was operated on immediately.

The cat was named Chipik and sent for an operation. Already on the operating table, it turned out that paw injuries are far from the only problem of the animal. The cat was diagnosed with panleukopenia. Distemper is a very dangerous disease, especially for animals that have spent a lot of time on the street, malnourished and weakened by other diseases. The cat spent a lot of time under droppers, the doctors did not dare to make predictions, but the animal’s desire to live was able to overcome all obstacles.

The kitten overcame the disease and began to recover, but soon the doctors noticed another alarming symptom, after which the kitten went for surgery. Fluid began to accumulate at the site of the amputation of the paw. After several pumpings, the vet decided to perform another operation. It was difficult for Chipik to recover from anesthesia, but still he was able not only to wake up, but also quickly recover. When the kitten no longer needed the help of doctors, he began to look for a family.

Chipik quickly adapted to the fact that now he has only three paws. He turned out to be playful and mobile, did not suffer at all because of his peculiarity. It took the volunteers 7 months to find the house. Chipik lives with his new family, he is the only pet, so he completely owns the attention of people.

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