Before leaving “to another world”, a chimpanzee humanly said goodbye to a man who knew him for 50 years

Chimpanzee with the unusual name Mama was 69 years old when she realized that the last days of her life had come. She refused to eat and did not react to people, she just lay in the aviary, absorbed in her own thoughts.

Mom ended up at the Amsterdam Zoo in the early 70s, where she became the ward of Jan Van Hoff, he took care of primates.

For 50 years now, Jan has not worked at the zoo, but when he found out that his ward was living out her last days, he came to say goodbye to her.

When the man entered the enclosure, the chimpanzee did not recognize him, but as soon as Ian came closer, Mom saw that her good friend was in front of her. Mom’s mood changed, it was clear that she was happy about this meeting. Mom hugged Jan, touched his face. Both Mom and Jan were very touched by the opportunity to see each other again.

A few days later, Mom passed away. According to those who worked with her, she did not suffer, but simply fell asleep and did not open her eyes again.

Zookeepers say that Mama was smart and sensitive, she dominated the congeners and used her authority to settle disputes.

Primates like Mama are rare, and her departure has saddened zoo staff and visitors.

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