A tiny puppy ran after the policeman and begged him to take him with him

The puppy lived on the street and was very scared, but as soon as a couple of policemen paid attention to him, he immediately knew that he was now in good hands.

Police officers from Los Angeles, Mercadi and Tavera, patrolled the streets of the city. While on duty, they came across a small puppy that was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. The kid was all alone and looked scared, because he clearly had not reached the age when he could take care of himself.

The puppy seemed to understand that the police could help, so he followed them. Having barely caught up with the men, the animal began to cry, attracting attention.

The police realized that they could not leave the dog alone, so they took him to their car. The puppy did not hide his joy and curiosity, carefully looking around in the car.

The kid, as if in the first minute, realized that nothing threatened him with these people, so he began to show his gratitude for their help.

The puppy was taken to the site and fed. It was named Hobart, after the street where it was found.

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