A man’s guide dog went blind, he was offered another dog: a touching story

The dog is one of the first animals to keep company with man. They help in the work, they are excellent companions, without which life is much more boring. Dogs often come to the aid of people who are blind. Any properly trained dog can serve as a guide dog, but there are certain breeds that are best suited for the job.

Except guide dogs are also getting old and can no longer do their job. What should a blind owner do after his guide also lost his sight? The first thing that comes to mind is to abandon an assistant that has become useless and take a new one. A guide who himself does not see anything. Not able to do all the work, but requires a lot of attention.

Cold calculation is powerless when it comes to emotions and affection. The elderly man lost his sight. For five years, he was helped by a guide dog, which was always there and never let the owner down. The dog was trained and knew how to help a person and save him from trouble.

The man and his dog were very friendly, they spent a lot of time together and understood each other. The idyll was broken by a disease that deprived the dog of the ability to see. The treatment did not give any results and soon the dog became completely blind. The dog not only could no longer help the owner, he himself was in great need of help from a person.

Both the man and his dog were devastated by what had happened. The man was recommended to give the dog to a shelter so that he would be provided with the necessary care and care, and to get himself a new guide.

The man followed the recommendation, but only partly. He could not part with the dog, because she was more than an assistant, she was his friend. The man did not want to become a traitor.The man got a new guide, choosing a dog of the same breed as his dog.

The new guide helps both his master and the elderly dog, who himself has become almost helpless.

The man was very worried that the dogs would not find a common language, but his doubts were in vain, they quickly became friends. A young dog helps an older friend and is very attached to him.

The owner always goes out for a walk with two dogs, assuring that he feels completely safe with them. He is sure that both dogs take care of him, he also answers them with love and affection.

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