A man saved an exhausted calf in the forest from wild predators: the cub just fell to the ground

The village where Igor lives is built close to the forest. Walking near the house, he saw a calf that came out of the forest. The guy decided that the calf looked no older than a month and a half.

The animal walked with difficulty, as if its legs were not able to hold its body. As soon as Igor came closer, the baby literally collapsed to the ground at his feet. It turned out that the calf was severely emaciated, most likely, he was left without a mother. At such an early age, a calf is not able to take care of itself and alone in the forest, he would not have survived, dying of starvation or falling prey to predators.

The exhausted calf was left alone in the forest. A kind man saved him from predators

In the forest, the calf had no one to rely on, Igor understood that he was the only chance for the animal to be saved. Igor took the calf to the forestry. The staff said that the baby was left alone, and his mother was killed by poachers.

Igor decided to take care of the calf. The guy gave the name Baby to his ward. The elk was sure that Igor was his family and did not leave the guy a single step.

When the calf grew up and became independent, Igor took him to a place where they helped the deer. The guy admits that it was difficult for him to give away his ward, but he also knew that it was important for the moose to live in its natural environment and caring for a friend defeated the selfish desire to leave him nearby.

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