A 12-year-old boy left a puppy in a box at the shelter and placed a note next to him

On the threshold of the shelter they left a box in which a thoroughbred puppy was sitting. The little pit bull did not understand what was happening and was scared. The box contained a plush toy and a note written in a child’s hand. From the text of the note, the shelter staff learned that the author of the note was a 12-year-old boy.

The puppy was well-groomed, he obviously used to live with his family. The kid was scared, he did not understand at all what was happening. Volunteers brought the baby to the shelter and took care of him. Also people read the note. The text of the letter moved them so much that they published it online.

Soon, the shelter staff learned that a boy named Andreas had left the pit bull on their doorstep, he also wrote a note.

The child wrote that they made the decision to give the dog to the shelter together with their mother, and in the note he explained the reasons for such a decision.

This note touched all the employees. Adults admitted that it was difficult for them to imagine what the child felt at the moment when he made this decision. Photo of the note by the workers of the shelter published in social networks

“I’m Andreas and I’m 12 years old. My mom and I decided to leave our puppy at your doorstep to help him. Our dad decided to sell the dog, we are afraid that the new owner will treat her worse than dad. My father often beats the dog, once he even broke its tail. I hope you help the puppy. So that he remembers me, I left him his favorite soft toy.

From the test note, it was clear that the boy loved his pet very much, but he understood that he had to part with him in order to protect the animal from suffering.

The letter caused a resonance in the network and dozens of families wanted to take the puppy with a broken tail. The baby was named Rene, the shelter solved all his health problems and soon a new family will be chosen for him.

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