The kitten sat in the heat at 37 degrees and cried: he was forgotten by his mother cat

This story happened in the USA, Lisa worked on one of the farms in Arizona. During her lunch break, she went outside. Suddenly, the woman heard a squeak, and when she listened, she realized that it was a quiet meow. Lisa followed the sound, but she couldn’t find the kitten.

Several other people joined the search, including a security guard who said he saw the cat carrying its kittens in its mouth. Perhaps the cat lost one of the kittens along the way. The search brought results, the kitten was found in the gap between the buildings. The kid was scared, besides, it was very hot outside, and he was clearly suffering from dehydration.

People managed to catch the baby and put him in a box. In the box, the crying of the kitten became only louder, and the baby reacted to the attempts of people to stroke it with a hiss. Lisa decided to take the kitten home and even took time off from work so as not to force the baby to sit in the heat for the rest of the day. Lisa was released, and she took the baby home. In the car, the kitten continued to cry loudly.

Only in the new house, after a full dinner, the baby finally calmed down. Perhaps the feeling of hunger won over the fear. The well-fed kitten not only stopped crying, he allowed Liesey to stroke him and even purred with pleasure. After a while, the kid met Catastrophe and Calamity – cats living with Lisa.

In the evening, the baby also met the woman’s husband, whom he really liked, because he immediately began to play with the kitten. The family decided to keep the kitten, naming it May Day.

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