I paid the vet for the operation and wanted to leave, but the cat did not let me go

This cat has been with me for over ten years. The cat is not yet old, but he began to get sick more and more often. Perhaps frequent illnesses were caused by nutrition, or maybe an injury that I did not notice. When the cat began to feel bad more and more often, I took him to the vet.

The doctor’s verdict was disappointing – the cat needed to undergo therapy. Which will prepare him for surgery. The doctor called the operation difficult, but comforted, assuring that he would do everything possible, and in case of a successful outcome, the cat would live for at least a couple more years.

I clarified all the details with the veterinarian, paid for the drugs and medicines and was going to leave so as not to get in the way of the doctors. Before leaving, I decided to say goodbye to the pet, but as soon as I got close enough, the cat grabbed my sleeve with its claws and didn’t want to let it go. When I tried to remove the paw of the animal, tears appeared in his eyes.

I immediately remembered that when I had the flu, the cat did not leave me for a second, starved when I could not eat, licked the tears from my face. When I couldn’t contain my emotions.

At that moment, the cat hoped that I would support him. I could not let my pet down, leave him alone in a ward full of strangers, in a situation where he did not understand what was happening around. I could not cross the threshold of the clinic. While the operation was going on and the cat was recovering from anesthesia, I was there. The staff allowed me to stay and I spent a day in the clinic.

Operation was successfully completed. After the help of doctors, my cat seemed to become young again, began to play and move a lot. Sometimes I notice that everything that happened has brought me even closer to my pet and his love for me has become even more sincere.

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