At the door of her apartment, the girl found a bundle of fabric with tiny kittens wrapped in it.

People do not always take care of their pets, and when this leads to problems, they try to pass them on to others. Miroslava lives in Petrozavodsk, she got into just such a situation. Opening the door of her apartment, the girl saw a bundle on the threshold.

In which there was a couple of kittens that were recently born. The girl knitted to help the kids. She wrote an ad about her unusual find, so Maria Spiridonova found out about the kittens. Maria is a volunteer, she helps animals. Fortunately, the girl’s cat recently became a mother herself, so she decided to try to give her other people’s babies too.

The animal immediately accepted the foundlings and began to take care of them as well as of its own children. Thanks to mother’s milk and warmth, the kittens quickly began to grow and gain weight. The girl named her wards Mia and Leah. Although the girls were sisters, they were not at all similar in character.

Curious Leah constantly studied the house, loved to play and often played pranks. She tasted everything in the house, reached out to every shelf and looked into every corner.

Mia was more relaxed, spending most of her time on the couch, watching what Maria and her other pets were doing.

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