The girl rescued kittens from the shelter, but one was constantly crying without a mother: the hostess found a way out

An announcement about this couple of kittens appeared on the website of one of the Japanese shelters. The text said that the kittens had only recently been born, but urgently needed the owners, since the shelter did not have the opportunity to take care of such babies. There were only a few days to find a home for the kittens, but if there is no family for them, the shelter will be forced to euthanize them.

Midori saw the ad. Who lives near the orphanage. The woman decided. It is her duty to help the kittens, so she soon appeared on the threshold of the shelter, saying that she would take the kids. Midori and her husband named their new pets Haku and Koi.

The brother and sister were small and thin, they were constantly crying and looking for their mother. Care and care helped them to survive and grow stronger, they soon became more independent, gradually settled into their new home. Koi became a calm and affectionate cat, and Haku experienced the absence of his mother much worse, often cried and was afraid to be alone in the room.

The owners of the kitten understood that he was crying because of longing for his mother. To help the baby, they decided to give him a soft toy. Haku immediately fell in love with the toy, so he went to bed next to it that evening.

Haku became very attached to the toy, he slept exclusively in an embrace with her, massaged her with his paws, tried not to lose sight of the toy. The cat finally calmed down, stopped crying and was afraid of everything around, the toy gave him confidence and courage.

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