What ended the extraordinary friendship of a lynx and a cat lasting 12 years

The enclosure of the Lenin Zoo, in which the lynx lived, has always attracted the most attention. People went to him specifically to look not only at this interesting wild animal, but also at his pretty neighbor. Together with the lynx in the enclosure lived a small cat, the most common, but still surprising people who see her for the first time. Local residents have long been accustomed to such an unusual neighborhood.

These animals met back in 2007. A lynx named Linda was born at the zoo, but she got her own enclosure only when she grew up a little. She was very lonely, because she was only a kitten. And kittens love to play with others.

Without thinking twice, the staff put an ordinary kitten next to her. They were curious to see how the two different species would get along. Doucet was very young, the same as her larger neighbor.

At first, the animals were wary of each other. They met under the supervision of the zoo staff: they were afraid that something would go wrong. A lynx could easily attack a defenseless little cat. However, nothing of the sort happened. The animals got along great. They were soon left alone.

Such different animals, in spite of everything, became close friends. They did everything together, growing closer as they grew older. Everyone who came to the zoo wanted to see this unusual duet. The lynx and the cat, living peacefully together, have become real stars.

There were two fenced corners in the enclosure so that Dusi and Linda could have their own private territory. The lynx could not fit into the narrow door meant for the cat. The employees did this so that the animals could go to the corners if they wanted to. In addition, sometimes Dusya and Linda dragged food from each other, despite the fact that their portions always had different sizes. Zoning made it possible to avoid this, so the animals could eat in peace.

An unusual friendship lasted for twelve years. In January 2020, Dusya suffered a stroke and died. Linda was alone in the enclosure. She misses her friend, but not very much: after all, in recent years they were no longer as friendly as before. The need for communication in cats mainly occurs at a young age. The older they are, the more it decreases.

No one is put into the lynx enclosure anymore. The zoo staff decided that no one could replace Dusya for Linda.

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