The cat, which was found on the street, is trying with all his might to make friends with the dog and does not lag behind him

This sweet baby was found on the street, where she sat all alone. Some time later, she made a new friend for herself: a chihuahua.

This situation happened in California. A woman named Yesenia was returning home when she noticed a strange lump on the sidewalk. She thought it was just a wrinkled T-shirt, but stopped to take a closer look.

The lump mewed when Yesenia approached, and the woman realized that she was mistaken. The little kitten was able to walk, but dragged its paw. Yesenia came even closer to the baby and took her in her arms. She calmly let her do it.

The kitten was flea-ridden and lame. Only after he was washed and fed did he stop looking so sick and unhappy.

Yesenia turned to people on Facebook to tell her how to take care of such a kitten. The woman herself never had cats in the house.

First of all, the baby had to be taken to the veterinarian. Yesenia was soon going to move to another place, so she began to look for other owners for the cat.

She did not even name the kitty in any way, because she was afraid to love this little creature too much. The shelter refused to take the baby, they had no places.

After thinking, Yesenia nevertheless decided to keep the kitten at home. She still managed to become attached to this baby, so she simply could not give her to someone else.

The cat was named Bella. She became a full-fledged member of Yesenia’s family.

A dog named Buster already lived in the woman’s house. Bella immediately became attached to him, starting to follow him on his heels and demand attention to herself. She really wanted to make friends with this dog.

Yesenia moved Bella to a new place of residence. The kitty survived the flight very calmly, which surprised her owner a lot.

Bella quickly got used to a new life in which she was no longer a tramp. She turned out to be a very active cheerful child.

Buster has to be patient because the cat wants to play with him all the time. Doesn’t leave you alone for a second.

On the very first night, Bella climbed into Yesenia’s bed and refused to leave. The woman did not drive her away: the baby, obviously, needed someone’s warm shoulder nearby. How can you blame her for this, because she overcame so many difficult trials in her short life.

So the little cat found a loving family in which she is truly taken care of, as well as a new friend. Could her life turn even better?

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