No one paid attention to the old man who was lying on the ground. Only a dog tried to save his master

We have become too obsessed with the appearance of people and judge by it. If we see a man in a good suit lying on the ground, we will immediately decide that he has become ill and needs help. But if his clothes are dirty and old, then we will think that he is drunk and just pass by.

We want to tell you a very touching story that happened in Costa Rica.

In the city of Guapiles, a dog ran along the road against traffic and barked loudly. It was obvious that she wanted to get attention. Drivers could not understand what was happening and simply drove around the animal, trying to drive it off the roadway.

But still, there was one caring person who stopped in order to understand what was happening. The dog immediately led the man behind him. He had to run for a pet several hundred meters. Finally he understood what had happened. He saw a man of about 60 years old lying on the side of the road. He was dressed in shabby old clothes and all the people passing by simply stepped over him or walked around him, deciding that the old man was drunk.

However, the man who was brought by the dog immediately realized that the person needed help and called an ambulance. The doctors who came to the call said that the old man had a heart attack.

When the ambulance loaded the elderly man into the car, the dog immediately jumped into the passenger compartment. Paramedics did not dare to drive him away.

When the old man came to his senses, he said that his name was Mario, and the dog Chico. They live in an old trailer, which is located on the very outskirts of the city. On that day, he decided to go for a walk with his pet and suddenly he became ill. He had a sharp pain in the heart area and in a second he was already unconscious.

If not for Chico’s loyalty, the man would most likely die. But everything ended well!

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