Best foster mom: lynx raised cubs, puppies, raccoon and kittens

The lynx has been living in the Irkutsk Zoo since infancy. The employees named their ward Alena. Even being a predator, the lynx still remains a cat, so it quickly became a favorite among both employees and guests of the zoo.

The most surprising thing about the lynx was her maternal instinct, which made itself felt as soon as Alena grew up. It was too early for her to have her own babies, but her maternal feelings demanded an outlet, so she gladly undertook to take care of other people’s children.

Alena does not share the kids and take care of each of them. She helped raise cubs, nursed puppies, raised a raccoon. She does not look at what kind of animal is in front of her, she gave each of her wards all the warmth and care that she was capable of. Alena can become an example for people, because she, like no one else, knows that there are no other people’s children.

Alena was the last to adopt tiny kittens that her mother cat didn’t need. In the first minutes, the lynx looked at the kittens warily, but then sniffed each of them and began to care for and educate. Alena turned out to be a very good mother for the kittens, because at the time when they needed her help, the kittens became the center of her world and received from her the love and care they needed so much.

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