The cat kept running away from home. I bought him a smart collar and decided to track where he goes

My cat is almost unable to sit still. He runs all the time somewhere outside the house. I could not understand exactly where he goes every day with such enviable constancy. The fear that he would be lost sooner or later literally drove me crazy.

We have always taken our cat for walks, but recently he has been going away for a very long time. Sometimes he could not be at home for several days. And as soon as we panicked and started looking for him, he came: dirty and thin, as if he had gone through a real war.

You ask him where he disappeared, and he, of course, is silent. And the look is so important, as if he was engaged in state affairs. A very mysterious situation.

I was very curious where my cat disappeared. So I decided to follow him. A smart collar could help me with this. I bought one and turned on location tracking the next time the cat decided to go for a walk.
It’s good that he’s just a cat who is not able to understand what exactly I’m doing. It is unlikely that he would be pleased that he was being watched. I certainly wouldn’t get off with a simple bite.

This time the cat was absent somewhere during the day, no less. In the first hours, he just walked around our site back and forth. At the same time, he looked like a patrol policeman who bypasses the territory assigned to him.

Then he ran into the forest. The signal was intermittently lost because the collar was out of range. In the forest, the cat walked in circles for a long time with an incomprehensible purpose.

I assumed that he was hunting for something that a person is not able to see. Usually, when people put a camera on such cats, they still don’t see anything on the recording while the animal is walking. And then suddenly it turns out that all this time the cat was catching a mouse!

So I decided that my cat is running away to hunt.

At some point, I found him near the trash can. Apparently, he came to rummage through the waste.

And immediately went home. Decided to find something tastier at home, I guess.

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