In a harsh winter, someone left a cat locked in a carrier on the side of the road.

In the winter, a man came to the animal protection society of Illinois, he brought a cat with him. The visitor’s name was Donald Chiswick, and the cat in the carrier he brought was a complete stranger to him.

The man lives in a private house. Driving up to his house after work, the man saw a pet carrier that stood in the way of his car to the garage. The carrier was covered with a large layer of snow, probably from a tractor that was cleaning the paths on the street.

The carrier was completely filled with snow, Donald thought it was empty. The man came closer to check his guess and noticed an ear sticking out through the bars. Donald immediately dug the cage out of the snow and brought it into the house. Inside was a gray cat, she was very cold, but she was alive. The man wrapped the animal in a towel and laid it near the heater.

Chisick took the cat to the animal rights activists the next day. The animal was examined by veterinarians. Fortunately, hypothermia did not affect the health of the animal. Doctors determined that the cat was about a year old. The animal remained in the shelter, the employees fell in love with the cat for its affectionate character and sociability.

Soon the cat found a new home. Her owners were a married couple who named the pet Winter and surrounded her with love and care.

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