The frightened kitten crawled out of the thickets and immediately rushed to hug us. It was his only chance for salvation.

This cat’s name is Burashka. We picked it up on the street on our way to the store. Fate treated Burashka not in the best way: people betrayed her and threw her away like unnecessary garbage, leaving her completely alone.

We were walking down the street and heard a loud scream from the side. It is not entirely clear where the cat that emitted it was located. My husband and I tried to listen to understand this. I wanted to find the suffering cat at all costs, but my husband did not argue, deciding to help me.

We called the cat, wandering along the paths, and at some point a small kitten crawled out of the bushes and immediately threw itself at our feet, as if trying to hug. The kid was trembling violently, it was clear how scared he was, but he was not afraid to approach us. As a result, he buried his muzzle in my husband’s boot and lay down on the ground, clearly not intending to leave us.

We took Burashka for overexposure, imbued with sympathy for her. Our son came up with an unusual name: it is a derivative of the word “Cheburashka”, only slightly shortened. For some reason, this strange nickname suited this beautiful cat very well, so no one objected to such a name.

Burashka turned out to be just incredibly affectionate, she climbed on everyone’s knees, loved to be stroked. I can’t even imagine who raised their hand to throw this miracle out into the street, that such a thing had to happen for someone to do such a thing.

The beetroot grew a little, I gave it to the veterinarian for sterilization. At that time, the cat was about four months old. I feared that the new owners would be the same as the old ones. I didn’t want anyone to hurt this wonderful cat again.

In the announcement, I wrote that we would give Burashka only to those people who definitely would not offend her, but would give her maximum love and care. Suddenly, there were many who wanted to take the cat to them. We quickly found the owners for Burashka. The woman who took her in speaks of her new friend with incredible delight and says that they are doing well. Burashka, as expected, got along wonderfully with the new owners.

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