The dog went into the store and collapsed on the floor: she needed help

I don’t want to believe that people have become so indifferent and are afraid to show kindness to at least someone. A pack of dogs mocked a homeless dog, dozens of passers-by passed by, but they all pretended that nothing was happening and continued to move on.

After all, it was possible to disperse the flock, drag the injured animal aside, but in no way remain indifferent, not ignore the situation, which could lead to very sad consequences. People should help those who are weaker, because that is what makes us human. Street animals are forced to fight for their lives every day. For those who are on the street through the fault of their owners, it is even harder, because they do not know how to cope with problems on their own, and they are not accepted into packs.

Stray dogs severely crippled Tuman, the dog did not know what to do and came to people for help, but they continued to ignore him. The dog was able to run into the store, but the strength left her, and she just fell to the floor.

Volunteers soon arrived to help Tuman, by which point he could barely raise his head. To see what’s going on around. Outwardly, the dog looked elderly, as if he had lived for twenty years, but the locals say that the dog is not even ten years old. The body of the dog was covered with wounds, because there were many dogs, they were cruel, and the Fog, weakened due to constant malnutrition, could not fight back, even run away and hide.

Veterinarians treated the external injuries, and also gave directions for tests to understand the condition of the internal organs. We didn’t manage to pass the analysis right away, because you need to do this on an empty stomach. Waking up in the morning, Fog went hunting and found a pot of meat and ate all of its contents. Tuman was full and happy, but we will have to take him for tests another day.

In the clinic, the dog had a tooth removed, it was broken, they also sent us for X-rays, ultrasound and gave us an appointment for other tests. Before the doctors get the results, the dog has already been prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection at the bite sites. We were also recommended to feed him intensively, because the big Fog weighs only 20 kg.

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