A frozen unfamiliar cat knocked on the door. He asked for help

Only a year after the incident, the kitten was able to fully recover.

Homeless animals very rarely turn to people for help, but in this situation it was the only right decision.

The story happened to a resident of Quebec, in Canada. One winter day, the girl heard someone’s hopeless meow and a slight scratch on the glass door. Turning towards the sound, she saw a desperate, frozen ginger cat.

Photo © Marie Simard

The girl let the animal into the house and immediately contacted her friend Maria, who worked at a shelter for homeless kittens. And despite the fact that the new ward would already be an adult, he was accepted anyway. The fact that the animal decided to ask for help from a person literally saved his life, since, upon examination, he was found to have frostbite of the limbs, many bites, fleas, ticks, decaying teeth and diabetes. Without outside help, he would not have survived the onset of cold.

Photo © Marie Simard
First of all, the cat was given a nickname – Aslan, as the hero of fairy tales about Narnia, authored by Lewis. Then they found a new family for him, he moved to live with a volunteer, who at that time had a black and white cat named Cleo. They managed to become inseparable friends. Aslan was quickly on the mend and with all his behavior expressed great gratitude to people.

Photo © Marie Simard
A friend of the girl who found the redhead said that while Aslan was in the clinic, he always put his paws through the cage so that the workers passing by would not forget to pet him. Aslan is a very friendly cat who never leaves his foster mother, Cleo the cat, and goes to bed only next to her. Their friendship comes as no surprise, as both have been through a lot while living on the streets. The main thing is that today there is someone to take care of them.

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