A box with kittens was thrown into the veterinary clinic, but the mother cat did not leave the children and found them

Five years ago, employees of a veterinary clinic in a New Zealand town found a box under the door. Opening the box, the staff saw four kittens. The babies were only recently born, they were very small, very frightened and cried loudly. People took the unexpected find to the clinic.

The kittens were so small that they could not eat on their own. Attempts to find the mother of the kittens were unsuccessful. Veterinarians wrote a post in which they asked for help to feed the babies. On the first night, employees even stayed overnight at work to feed the kittens and make sure they didn’t get cold.

The next day, visitors to the clinic noticed that a cat was walking at the door of the clinic, and they reported this to the staff. The cat constantly tried to get into the clinic, but most often her attempts were stopped by people. Finally, the animal managed to get to the clinic, and she immediately rushed to the box with kittens and jumped into it, began to feed and wash the babies. As it turned out, the mother cat put a lot of effort to find her kittens, but she still managed to do it.

Most likely, the mother-cat arranged for the kids a comfortable bed in the box, and when she went about her business, someone saw the box with the kids and, deciding that they had been abandoned, took the box to the clinic.

Returning to the place, the cat saw that her children had disappeared. The animal immediately went in search and the mother managed to find her children.

The cat and her kittens were taken in by an employee of the clinic. When the babies were two months old, each of them found a home and loving owners. Although the family had to be divided, now the kittens and their mother will live in love and care, they will have a warm home and enough food. On the street, they could stay together, but their life would be much worse.

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