The little blind kitten was very scared: he could not understand where they wanted to take him

Volunteers learned about the existence of a blind kitten, which was left alone on the street, from witnesses who noticed him. Many have seen this poor little man, but only a few, the most compassionate people, have decided to try to help him.

Kate and Joanne tried to get to the place quickly. A truly heartbreaking sight awaited them: a very small cat was sitting on the street completely alone. The baby was blind, so she remained completely helpless in the face of the dangers that could await her around.

The kitten is being held

Nearby was another cat in need of help: a mother with two kittens. However, the volunteers decided to help the blind kitten first, he needed this help more urgently.

The girls put the kitten in the carrier, where he began to stomp the blanket restlessly. The cat could not understand what was happening, because she did not see anything. She was very scared, she did not orient herself in space at all.

Kitten lies

The baby was named Kenshi. In the shelter, she was thoroughly washed and given food. At first she was afraid to take something from her hands, but then she got her bearings and ate everything that the volunteers offered her.

wet kitten

After the examination, the veterinarians said that it was impossible to help Kenshi. The eyes will have to be removed to keep the infection from spreading.

A couple of days later, the rest of the family was also saved: Kenshi’s mother and her two brothers, who had previously had to be left on the street. They were put to the cat so that relatives could give her support.

Kenshi was operated on fairly quickly and she entered a recovery period. She had been blind before, so she did not have to get used to such a life. The kitty was so well oriented in the world around her that it was hard to believe in her blindness! She relied on her other senses to run and play like any other kitten.

A woman recently adopted a kitten. Kenshi has been given a new name: Cherry. A new home was what this unfortunate creature really needed. In addition to the house, she found a new friend: another cat named Charlie. Charlie also turned out to be blind, which allowed him and Cherry to get along quickly, like any other common problem. Together they began to live much better!

Kitten and toy

I would like to believe that Cherry will be fine from now on.

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