The ducklings were left without a mother, and the newly born cat adopted them as family

A cat named Dalla gave birth to kittens. Soon, newborn ducklings appeared on the farm where she lived, only the birds did not have a mother. Dalla was lying in a box with the kids when she heard a squeak, plaintively crying ducklings walked around the farm, trying to find their mother. The children’s crying touched the heart of the cat, and, driven by maternal instinct, she took all three ducklings to her children in a box and began to wash and warm the birds, as she did with kittens.

The owners of the farm became interested in what the cat would do next, so they decided to leave the ducklings next to Dalla. The cat quickly found a common language with the ducklings, and they began to perceive her as a mother and even copy some of the cat’s habits. Birds grow much faster than cats, and every day the habits and instincts laid down by nature took precedence over the upbringing of the mother cat.

Having grown older, the ducklings wanted more freedom and constantly ran away from their foster mother, and only the cold could make them come back. The cat did not want to accept the fact that the ducklings grew up, she constantly sent them to the box, only her efforts did not bring results.

It is also interesting in this story that before becoming a mother, Dalla was a hunter and the birds were nothing more than prey for her.

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