No one stopped next to the cat lying on the side of the road, and it was more and more covered with snow and an ice crust

On a winter evening, Vyacheslav was driving home after a working day. Driving past a snow-covered field, the man noticed that a gray lump was lying on the side of the road, which contrasted sharply against the background of white snow. Later, Vyacheslav will say that he seemed to feel that this was not garbage thrown out of the car, but a living being that needed help. The man stopped to check his guess.

He was right, because there was a kitten lying on the side of the road. The baby was already beginning to be covered with snow, and his fur was covered with a thin layer of ice. The kitten did not react to the appearance of a person, and Vyacheslav decided that the animal had died without waiting for help. The kitten reacted only when the man came very close. The kid tried to get up, but was too weak to do so.

Noticing that the kitten moved, Vyacheslav immediately carried him to the car and laid him by the stove, turning it on at full power. By the time the car stopped at the house, the cat began to come to his senses, and already in the apartment by the warm battery, he finally warmed up and began to rumble quite.

In the morning Vyacheslav took his find to the vet. The doctor found out that this is a girl of six months, and also diagnosed frostbite of the tail, which had to be removed. The kitty lay too long in the cold, if not for Vyacheslav, a few more hours on the snowy roadside would have been her last.

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