For 8 years, the Labrador has not managed to find a person who will love him

Just because a dog is not of a known breed does not mean that it lacks intelligence, character, or manners. Ordinary dogs can be smart and kind, but the lack of recognizable features in appearance often prevents them from finding a home. Potential owners are afraid that life on the street has negatively affected the character and behavior of animals. Bonnet is a very special case, she is the best illustration of the fact that it is not the breed that determines the character and habits of the dog.

In the eight years of her life, Bonya has never let a person down. She can be set as an example when it comes to friendliness and obedience, as well as devotion and kindness.

Bona has Labrador blood and although she is not a purebred representative of the breed, she loves children very much and gets along well with them. That’s just the numerous advantages have not been appreciated by people. Bonya is unlucky, so she still doesn’t have a home.

Once the dog managed to find a family and for some time she was a pet, only the end of this story was sad. The dog began to interfere with the owner, so he decided to give it away. They found a new home for the kind and sociable Boni, only this time people soon decided to abandon her. Unfortunately, Bonya managed to become attached to a new family, so she experienced another separation and return to the shelter very hard. To help the dog a little, they found an overexposure for her.

Bonet likes the temporary home, but they and the owners understand that this is not forever. Bonya is still looking for a family that will appreciate her kind nature and high intelligence. She needs a master who will not return her, because she will not survive another betrayal.

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