With all the belongings, the cat was put up in the entrance. And next to him left his eye drops

Anya went into the entrance of the five-story building to solve several work issues. Between the last two floors she saw a cat. The animal was covered with dust, it was lying on the windowsill on an old towel, and its tray and bowl were nearby. The bowl was empty, with a handful of filler at the bottom of the tray.

We decided that the cat belongs to one of the residents of the house or someone let him into the entrance during the frost and looks after him. Residents were interviewed, but it turned out that no one knew anything about the cat. Larisa, our volunteer, realized that the search for the owners would not bring results, so she took the cat to her. By the time Larisa put the cat into the carrier, he already had a name – Semyon.

Later, we made sure that Semyon used to be a pet, and the owners threw him into the entrance, wanting to get rid of unnecessary trouble.

The cat was very happy that he was warm. He turned out to be undemanding, was completely satisfied with the place where he was settled, does not sort out food and is grateful for any kindness.

Simon is sociable and well-mannered. Over time, Larisa noticed that the cat often squints, although it was clear that he sees well everything that is around. Deciding that Semyon’s eyes hurt, Larisa took him to the veterinarian.

The eye problems were not serious and could be easily managed with medication, but a blood test showed that there were other, more serious problems. Semyon was diagnosed with viral leukemia. The cat itself was not sick, but could infect other animals.

It became clear to us why the cat was in the entrance. Upon learning of his illness, the owners decided that they did not need any extra trouble, so the cat, along with his modest belongings, was thrown into the entrance.

Semyon could not stay with Larisa, the woman also has other cats that could become infected with the disease. To take care of other animals, the woman had to part with Semyon, although she really regretted it.

Semyon again turned out to be of no use to anyone. He has neither a permanent home nor a temporary one. No one takes him to an overexposure with such a diagnosis, and no one was willing to take him into the family either.

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