The man who saved the kitten decided to give it to other owners, but the cat decided differently

A passer-by found a whitish-black kitten on the street and decided to find a new home for him, but his pet, a red cat, had his own opinion on this matter.

The kitten was sitting in the middle of a road filled with many cars, and the fact that he survived can be considered a real miracle. And a man who happened to be passing by could not leave a frightened little animal in trouble. He took it from the roadway and first began to look for the alleged owners.

According to the man, the first thing he did was go to the nearest house, but this did not give the desired results. Later, he noticed that the kitten was missing a chip, so he had no owners. Then the man checked on social networks, but no one was looking for a kitten. So he decided that the kitten was born from a street cat, and then got lost.Images for “kitten scared”

This story was told by a Reddit user under the name todontblink.

For the first time, the man decided to keep the kitten until he found a new family for him. The animal was so frightened that it hid in a secluded place for a day. But the next morning he was discovered by the man’s cat, who began to take care of him, licking him and going to bed next to him. Thanks to the cat, the baby felt protected.
Images for “kitten scared”

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As a result, the couple became inseparable friends, and the man could no longer give it to other people. Over time, the kitten found a common language with the dog.
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The kitten has long ceased to be a frightened baby, but with a ginger friend they continue to sleep together.

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