No one wanted to take a 12-pound giant cat from a shelter because of its size

Sometimes cats have a non-standard appearance or size, and then they have no choice but to behave a little arrogantly in order to get through to the public.

This cat is in a shelter. Due to his gigantic size, all visitors noticed him, but at the same time, no one wanted to give him a house. At some point, the volunteers took a non-standard path.

Cat BJ was a ward of one of the shelters in Philadelphia. It weighed 12 kilograms, and none of the visitors dared to take responsibility for such a large animal. Employees expanded their searches and gave ads with a photo of BJ on the network. The pictures made such a splash that those who wanted to take it for themselves simply overloaded the site.

Volunteers studied all the applications and found the best hosts for their ward. In the new house, BJ lives with several other cats. For the big cat, the family created a page on social networks, where thousands of people follow his life.

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