To calm down a dog badly damaged in a fire, the veterinarian climbed into her kennel

This photo shows the love that veterinarians have for their patients. In the picture, the doctor calms the dog, which is frightened and needs help.

This dog was in a burning building, the fact that the animal survived the fire is a real miracle. The dog was found and taken to the veterinarians, who promptly performed an operation, thus preventing the worst of the scenarios.

The name of the dog affected by the fire is Tako, he is 8 years old and is a member of the Shiba Uno breed. As soon as the dog was brought to the clinic, the doctors immediately went with her to the operating room. Veterinarian Emily Martin took care of Taco, who not only treated the dog, but also calmed and consoled. The burns were very severe, so the dog needed a long treatment and frequent visits to the clinic.

Emily and Taco quickly became good friends, so the owners of the dog were not against leaving him in the clinic for a period of rehabilitation, so that the doctors could quickly monitor the change in his condition. In the evening, all the staff left the clinic, Emily was worried that the dog would be lonely, so she took Taco to her home. The doctor spent the whole night with her patient, reassuring him and checking his condition. When Taco and Emily arrived at the clinic in the morning, the girl could barely contain herself from fatigue.

During the break, Emily decided to take a nap, and in order not to leave her patient alone, she settled into Taco’s cage instead of a bed. The dog calmed down, because his friend was nearby, and the girl herself quickly fell asleep.

Emily’s colleague took some photos that can be considered the best illustration of how much veterinarians love their patients.

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