Tiny kittens barely survived in a cardboard booth at the industrial zone in frost -6

On the net, we came across an ad that said about a small kitten who urgently needs help. We immediately responded to this post, although we were afraid that we were late, because the temperature outside dropped to -6.

Our volunteer rushed to the indicated place and quickly managed to catch the kitten, which was written about in the ad. What happened next can only be called luck, we have no other explanation.

Two little kittens noticed the girl and, frightened, hid from her in a long pipe. The kittens sat exactly in the middle of the pipe, they drove themselves into a trap. The kittens could only get out of the pipe into the hands of a volunteer, but they were afraid of the girl, and they didn’t see the exit very well, because their eyes were literally covered with pus.

The kittens sat in fear in the middle of a narrow pipe, they could spend more than one hour there, but our volunteer was smart. She moved one end of the pipe to the carrier, and lifted the opposite one higher. Kittens, as if on attractions, moved right into the carrier.

All three babies ended up in a carrier. It was strange that they did not freeze outside, because there was no warm shelter for them nearby. There is only a booth at the base, which one of the guards built for cats, but it is more often occupied by adult animals, and kittens are not always welcome.

The kittens warmed themselves, closely clinging to each other, they hid from the snow in boxes blown by the wind. The kittens could eat only on those days when a kind woman came to feed them. The crumbs were about one and a half months old, how they could survive in such conditions remained a mystery to us.

We immediately took the kittens to the vet. We were worried that the kids would break out during the inspection and try to escape, but they got warm in the car, so, although they were afraid of people, the fear of being on the street again was stronger.

We have collected a huge collection of diagnoses. Veterinarians found advanced form of rhinotracheitis, anemia, conjunctivitis, as well as fleas, ticks and worms. It is difficult for even healthy cats to survive in the winter on the street, sick babies even more so. Each kitten was prescribed a treatment that we will strictly adhere to.

The kids were taken to overexposure, as soon as they fell asleep in a warm cage. In their lives, they have never rested on a soft bed and ate as much as they want.

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