The dog replaced the mother of a street sick kitten: now they are together forever

Caitlin worked in one of the US veterinary clinics. When the girl saw a small kitten on the street, she immediately realized that without the help of a person, he could not survive. The kitten was born not so long ago and did not even know how to eat on its own, in addition, he had a cold, and his eyes were inflamed due to an infection.

Caitlin brought her find to work and began to nurse the cat. After taking antibiotics, the kitten began to recover quickly, and Caitlin had to make sure that he not only took the medicine on time, but also fed the baby with a formula from a bottle.

The first days the kitten just lay in one place and slept or looked around with a blank look. As the baby’s health improved, the kitten’s behavior also began to change, and he spent more and more time playing and exploring at home. Soon Caitlin heard the voice of her ward. When the kitten finally recovered and gained weight, the girl took him from the clinic to her house.

In his new home, the kitten met Grace, Caitlin’s dog. It was Grace who replaced the baby’s mother, taking care of him and his upbringing. The kitten and the dog became friends in the very first minutes and since then they have been trying not to part. The kid is constantly next to Grace and even goes to bed cuddled up to her warm barrel.

The kitten continues to grow and mature. Leaving for work, Caitlin does not worry about how the baby’s day will go, because his foster mother Grace always looks after him.

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