A cat without front legs has already lost all hope of finding a family

A cat was walking along the streets of one of the Thai cities. Next to him, the cat saw a bird and decided that it would be his dinner for today. The cat approached the bird, but it flew away, the predator gave chase. The chase was long, at some point the cat ended up on the roof, from which he decided to jump. Below was a transformer box. The cat landed on a pair of bare wires and received a severe electric shock. The fact that the cat survived was a real miracle.

The injured cat was noticed by one of the passers-by, the woman immediately carried the animal to the veterinarians. The cat’s front paws were badly damaged and the doctors had no choice but to amputate them. The woman decided not to leave the cat to the mercy of fate and, at the end of the treatment, took him from the clinic.

The woman took care of the cat, whom she named Able, and helped him adapt to life without front legs. The owner told the story of her unusual pet to Smee two years after their unusual meeting.

According to Able’s owner, the behavior of her cat is no different from how animals of his age behave. The cat loves to walk, often go out into the street, but, unfortunately, other animals do not want to communicate with him. Able is very attached to his mistress and spends almost all the time next to the woman. The whole family tries to give the pet as much time as possible, playing and talking with him.

The cat learned to move using only its hind legs. The hardest thing for Able was climbing the stairs. But soon he mastered this skill and now the steps do not frighten him.

The owners adore their cat, so he is carefree and spoiled. The hostess publishes a photo of a pet on social networks, where he was dubbed a small kangaroo because of the unusual way of movement.

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