The puppy rushed from one passerby to another, but they only took a picture of him and passed by

A puppy with an unusual color walked down the street, sometimes simply throwing himself at the feet of passers-by, in an attempt to attract attention and beg for at least some food. People avoided the animal, bypassing it and not paying attention to its suffering.

Rain and frost quickly froze the sidewalks, the puppy was also soaked through and began to become covered with an ice crust. To get at least some food, the baby approached the woman, but instead of giving something to the baby, the woman took out her phone, took a picture of the puppy and moved on.

It was clear that this baby had only recently been torn away from his mother and he did not know how to survive on his own at all, but people did not try to help him, they only stopped to take a closer look at his unusual color, and then moved on …

The kid was lucky, because on this day he nevertheless met a girl who did not remain indifferent to his misfortunes. The girl thought that the puppy had owners, because when she noticed him, one of the passers-by took a picture of him. The girl mistook these people, who were talking to the dog and taking pictures, for his owners, but when the people began to leave, and the dog tried to follow them, they began to drive the baby away.

People screamed and stomped, and the puppy pressed against the ice-covered asphalt in fear. When the girl called the baby, he immediately ran up to her, friendly wagging his tail. Realizing that in the cold, a wet and hungry baby on the street would not survive, the girl took him with her. Approaching the house with a puppy in her arms, the girl tried to figure out what to do with the baby next. At home, 7 dogs were waiting for her, whom she rescued from the street and she simply did not have a place for another puppy, but leaving him on the street meant dooming to certain death.

Previously, the puppy clearly had a home, because he was not afraid of people, and his wet fur still smelled of his mother’s milk. Perhaps the owner of his mother simply threw all the kids out into the street so as not to bother looking for a family for them. Much has been said about the need for pet spaying, but there are still people who prefer to condemn babies to death rather than solve the problem by taking their pets to the clinic for a simple procedure.

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