The cleaning lady was cleaning the house of the moved owners and found the dog locked in the attic

After the residents of the house left, the employees of public utilities went to restore order in it. Having reached the attic, the public utilities found a dog there, extremely thin and very frightened.

In a US city, employees of a utility company were sent to clean up a house from which tenants had moved out some time ago. When the woman who was doing the cleaning went up to the attic, in addition to the garbage, she found a dog there.

The animal was locked in the attic without food or water, it was very thin and looked at the woman with a look that was both hope and fear.

How long the dog remained in the attic all alone is unknown, but during its imprisonment the animal managed to gnaw on the walls and corners. Dirt reigned in the attic, the dog was also thin, dirty and covered with fleas. Obviously, after leaving, the owners decided not to take the animal with them and simply locked it in the attic.

The woman took the dog and gave it to Jamie, her sister, who helped the animals. At the overexposure, the dog was named Remi.
Remi was immediately taken to the veterinarian, who found her paw injury and prescribed treatment. Jamie made sure that the dog took the medicines on time and gave her the massage necessary for the speedy recovery of the paw.

Remi proved to be a kind and calm dog, she quickly got along with Jamie’s four children and allowed the little ones to stroke and cuddle her as much as they wanted.

The dog found mutual understanding with the owner’s cats and dog, so when the treatment came to an end, Jamie decided that she would not look for a new home for Remy, but would leave the girl to herself.

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