Every day this cat’s eyes became blacker and enlarged.

Ten years ago, an unusual family appeared in one of the yards in the center of Odessa – a street cat and her baby puppy. The cat’s name was Nika, she could not leave the little puppy to the mercy of fate, left to suckle alone and replaced his mother.

Local residents say that the puppy appeared in their yard unexpectedly. He was weak and helpless, squeaking and whining, trying to call his mother. The baby’s mother was not around, so one of the residents of the house decided to try to put the baby to Nike. The cat gave birth quite recently, only all her babies were born already dead.

The puppy was brought to the back room where Nika lived and placed next to the cat. To the surprise of others, the cat was not at all surprised, she immediately began to feed and warm the puppy. Nika behaved like a real mother and even tried to teach the puppy cat habits. In a couple of weeks, the baby ate on the milk of his foster mother, and gradually the locals began to feed him, because the cat simply did not have enough milk to feed the rapidly growing baby.

The kid became more and more independent and people decided that it was time for him to look for owners. Outwardly, the puppy looked like a shepherd dog, the story of the cat that brought up the puppy made the baby famous in the city, so they quickly found a new home for him. The new owners took the puppy and gave him the name Mike.

Nika did not miss her adopted son for a long time. After all, soon they brought her a little cat named Chernushka, who was also left without a mother and needed her care and affection.

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