Before the New Year, the puppy was left at the entrance. He knocked, but he was not allowed to get warm

People carried bags of groceries in their hands, and a thin puppy ran after them. The dog tried not to lose sight of the packages, and sometimes made attempts to run closer and look into them.

From the side it seemed that this cute puppy was the couple’s pet and they were all returning together after shopping. As it turned out, the dog is not familiar with people, because they roughly pushed him away from the entrance doors when they entered, and then closed the doors just in front of the baby’s nose.

The dog was shaking from the cold, looking at the door that separated him from such a welcome rest in the warmth. For several minutes he just stared at the doors, and then tried to open them with his paw, but his efforts were unsuccessful. The dog tried to get inside by tapping on the door with his paw. In response to his call, a man came out of the entrance, who drove him away from the entrance.

The dog moved a couple of meters away, but still looked at the doors with admiration, realizing that behind them there was a place where you could sleep in warmth. Maybe the kid hoped that people would soon come out of the entrance, following whom he came here, but he never left the door, he was getting colder and shivering from the cold.

I stood at the window and watched the dog. It was evident that he really wants to get into the warm entrance, even if only for a few minutes. The dog looked hungry. He was thin and shook violently with every gust of wind.

After a few minutes, I realized that no one would come back for the dog. I took food, put on a jacket and went into the yard. As soon as he noticed me, the dog immediately ran to the meeting, as if he knew that I had come to his aid.

Having quickly dealt with the treats, the dog began to huddle up to me and try to get under my jacket to warm up. I realized that the dog was very cold.

– And how can we be with you? I asked the baby.

Shivering from the cold, the dog tried to lick my hands, look into my eyes. He showed with all his behavior that he needed my help. At this time, a couple came out of the entrance, followed by the dog and came to the house. People pretended as if they had not seen the dog before and walked past without saying a word. The dog looked after people, but at the same time continued to huddle up to me, because he differs from these people in that he is not capable of betrayal.

I went to the entrance door, the dog kept close by and looked at the keys in my hands with curiosity.

They will open the way to a new life for you. Let’s go, here you can get warm, – I said, opening the door for the puppy.

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