The shelter separated two inseparable kittens

“My patience lasted for three years, therefore, on the seventh birthday of the child, we went together to the shelter so that he would fulfill his dream of having a kitten at home.

It is best to teach a child by example, so I could not fail to fulfill my promise. The child and I went to the shelter, whose employees immediately warned that by taking the animal we sign an agreement, which will need to be fulfilled in the future. When I was little, we just brought kittens found on the street home and begged their parents to let them keep them.

The son walked along the cages with cats for a long time, but then he saw one that immediately attracted his attention. Several times I offered him to look at other animals, but he always returned to this kitten, and I realized that he had already chosen a friend for himself.

The shelter worker immediately warned us that they had a kitten with their sister, they constantly play and even sleep together. We were offered to take two kittens at once, but we refused. The woman did not try to convince us, and with the kitten in our arms, we went to fill out the paperwork.

When we took the kitten from the shelter, his mood immediately worsened. At home, the animal’s mood did not improve, he was lethargic, refused to eat and just lay in one place. A few days later, the kitten left us forever …

I called the shelter and told them about what had happened, to which they replied that they had been observing similar behavior in the last few days with our pet’s sister.”

This situation is horrendous and each of the participants is to blame for it. Mom should have explained to her son that in addition to his desire, there are also the interests of others, which means that it is not worth separating the kitten from her sister, but it is better to pay attention to other animals.

The shelter employee also shouldn’t have separated the kids, he had to insist that you can only take the brother and sister together, and if this is not possible, invite visitors to choose from other wards, only the person wanted to get rid of another mouth, but about interests he did not think of inseparable kittens.

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