For 6 shelter years, Beam still has not forgotten how to wait for his man

This dog has no patience. The dog is already an adult, but not all puppies have so much optimism. For six years now, Bim has been living in the hope that soon a person will appear who needs him.

The character of the dog is light and calm, although it cannot be called frivolous either. Beam is very quick-witted, he is active and loves to play, but he always listens carefully to people and follows commands.

Each arrival of volunteers for Bim is a real holiday. He is very sociable and the opportunity to be with people is the best reward for him. The dog needs only a little attention from the person, and he immediately responds with affection and love.

Beam is very loyal, he strives in every possible way to show his love for people. This dog is able to become the most devoted friend that a person can have. Beam is constantly trying to help the shelter staff and volunteers, it is important for him to be needed, to thank people for paying attention to him. One has only to show strangers at the shelter, Bim, better than any call, notifies of the arrival of people.

The dog simply loves to play, but during walks on a leash, he behaves calmly, does not break out and does not create problems for the volunteers who walk him. This dog will be a great friend for those who like to lead an active life and walk a lot.

Bim is able to cheer up in a matter of minutes, he is always joyful and positive, and this mood is easily transmitted to others.

According to the volunteers, Bim has a place to save his namesake from Troepolsky’s story. This is a sad story, and I really want to rewrite it in order to save Bim. Beam from the orphanage cannot read or write, but his eyes glow with intellect and the hope that soon a person will come for him and save him from the life of the orphanage. We believe that the story of our Beam will have a happy ending.

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