Two little kittens huddled close to a small lump: they tried to warm their sister

Megan Sorbana, a resident of Naples, thought that ice cream would help her survive this Italian summer day. She went to the store, but after only part of the way, she noticed a couple of kittens, which were closely pressed against some white object. Coming closer, the girl realized that this was another kitten, only very tiny, and two others were trying to protect him. The baby was trembling violently, although the day was hot. Megan guessed that the animal was in pain. The approach of the girl greatly frightened the two kittens, but they remained next to the sick baby.

The girl decided to abandon the purpose of her walk, instead she quickly caught all the kittens and ran home with them in her arms. Already in her apartment, Megan found out that the sick kitten was a girl and that she was so weak that she could not even stand.

Megan realized that she had to help the fluffy family, so all three kittens remained in her house. The little white baby was named Coconut, and her brothers became Praline and Pistachio.

For several days, Kokos had to be fed with a syringe every few hours, but this gave her strength and soon the baby was already holding on to her paws and even began to stand up on her own. After a couple of weeks, she recovered, got stronger and joined her brothers in their fun games. All three kittens also found a common language with Bitsy, the girl’s dog. Bitsy became an excellent foster mother for kittens, she raised them and warmed the kids with her warmth.

Megan decided that she would find a new family for her wards, but certainly one that would want to shelter all three, because the kittens are very friendly and the girl could not imagine how they would survive separation. Finding new owners was not easy, so all the kittens stayed with the girl and her dog, whom they love unconditionally.

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