The unfortunate dog was sitting on the side of the road, guarding the blanket with which he was thrown away by the owners.

This Rottweiler was found on the road, not far from the Dnieper. One can only guess how the animal ended up alone outside the city limits, it is quite possible that the previous owners abandoned it on the side of the road.

Someone took pictures of the dog, and volunteers posted them on social networks.

The Rottweiler was young, but he was constantly hungry, and also did not trust people, so he reacted aggressively to attempts to approach him. Some of the people began to feed the dog, leaving food for it by the side of the road, which it ate to the crumbs.

Next to the dog lay a red blanket, which the Rottweiler carefully guarded and tried not to lose sight of. Most likely, he had this bedding in his house, and he kept it as the only thing he knew. Passers-by and volunteers were afraid to get close to the dog, so they could not pick it up from the side of the road.

In their post, volunteers wrote where to find a dog, and also that specialists are needed who know how to work with such a breed and aggressive dogs in general. The dog was not disposed to communicate with people, so the volunteers were afraid to get too close to it. After the appearance of the post, there were dozens of those who want to help. Soon, volunteers were found who were able to get along with the dog and took him off the side of the road to help him start life anew.

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