“Sad and ugly”: no one wanted to take an elderly cat from a shelter

Georgina Price and Christopher Larden are a cat-loving couple. They decided to take their first pet in a shelter, while they wanted to find the oldest animal. Older cats are rarely taken from a shelter, and young people wanted to give at least one such animal a happy old age next to loving and caring owners.

So in the house of the couple appeared Herbie, a cat who turned 16 years old. The cat lived in the new house for only a few months. Then she went to the rainbow. The couple decided that they would take the next pet from the shelter, choosing the one who was ignored by the rest of the visitors.

This time, the couple returned from the shelter with two cats at once, each of which was unusual in its own way. Pets Georgina and Christopher were chosen on the site of the shelter. Their new pets were Quinton, a seven-year-old cat with no teeth at all, and Toby, a cat who, by the age of 6, had a whole bunch of diseases, one of which led to severe sagging of his skin.

Volunteers still hoped to find a home for Quinton, although they understood that the chances were slim, but Toby at the shelter had long been considered hopeless and was preparing for the fact that he would lead his whole life under the supervision of volunteers. It was these animals that Georgina and Christopher decided to give home comfort.

In the new house, it became clear that of the two animals, Quinton was the leader. The cat was not afraid of people and actively looked around in a new place, while the more fearful Toby hid behind his friend and tried not to catch people’s eyes.

After a few days, the cats got used to the new house and their owners, and after 7 months they finally adapted, making friends with each other and with people. Both cats require special care and nutrition, Toby also needs special care for skin folds and caution when moving, because his disease also has a negative effect on the joints.

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