In frost -40, a street dog was allowed to warm up for the first time: how the dog behaved

A dog named Robin has spent most of his life on the street. Only when he was a very small puppy, the dog lived in the house, but that was so long ago that he had already forgotten about it.

Robin was satisfied with his life and could not even imagine how it could be otherwise. The dog liked to chase the yard cats, and he did not understand how he could trade this entertainment for lying on the couch. Robin had a good strong booth in which he hid from the cold and rain, he was well fed and allowed to walk around the entire site, only independent walks outside the yard were prohibited. The dog was convinced that this is what the ideal dog life looks like.

The winter was cold, the daughter of the owners was worried that Robin might freeze outside. At one time, Yuri found Robin at work near the gatehouse and brought him home, his daughter and dog became real friends. The man reassured the child, saying that a warm booth and thick wool would protect the dog from the cold.

The man changed his mind as soon as Epiphany frosts came and the temperature dropped much below 20 degrees. Yuri noticed that Robin hardly shows up in the yard, and if he takes a couple of steps outside the booth, he begins to tremble violently. At the family council, it was decided that while there were severe frosts outside, Robin would spend the night in the house.

It was decided that the children would keep an eye on the dog so that he did not do something in the house, because he was used to living on the street and deciding for himself what and when to do.

Only Vasya, the cat, who was used to reigning supreme in the house, did not like the idea of ​​letting Robin into the house, and in winter did not even go to the door to the street, preferring to sleep on a soft sofa.

When Yuri called the dog, he immediately ran to the voice of his master. When the man tried to explain to him that he needed to enter the house, the dog did not understand what they wanted from him. It was necessary to force the dog into the house, the animal protested and resisted in every possible way. With all his appearance, the dog showed that he was against such a relocation and was not going to lie on the couch like a sissy Vaska. Robin was used to freedom and didn’t want to lose it.

Once in the house, Robin was even more confused. The dog could not understand in any way why the whole family surrounded him and why the children did not move a step away from him, all the while trying to stroke him. Even the cat tried to be close to Robin, but not in order to support, but in order to show with his whole appearance that he did not like what was happening.

Robin did not understand how to behave, because he thought that for bad behavior he might again be on the street. The dog tried to be quiet, tolerated the hugs and attention of children, which was unusually much for him.

Robin was arranged to sleep in the hallway on a soft sofa, the dog wagged his tail with pleasure in a dream.

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